Question Dead mobo causing issues in future?


May 29, 2014
Hi everyone,

Performing some pc upgrades today, my motherboard died; I booted into the bios, went to enable xmp and the bios crashed. After forcing a shut down, the pc would no longer boot up.
I have troubleshooted the pc, and have concluded that the motherboard is dead; my question is “is it likely that the motherboard dying will have damaged other components in my system?”
I have a new motherboard arriving on Tuesday, and will be reassembling the build; is putting in my current components likely to damage my new mobo if they too have been damaged?
We couldn’t work out why the mobo died, the only thing I noticed is that when I plugged in my mouse, there was resistance in the USB port that wasn’t there before; on removal and closer inspection, part of the io shield had gone inside the USB port. Could this have caused my dead motherboard?
Link here for image of USB port View:
The USB ports also delivers power to external devices, so a short circuit here is absolutely capable do damage the motherboard.

If that does damage to other components as well? That depends on whether the response from the voltage regulator or PSU (whatever sourcing the usb ports) is made in such a way that a short doesn't cause voltage spikes on short circuit events.