Question Dead pixel wannabe, big issue, 0 idea what it is. Send help

Dec 29, 2019
Okay so, first of all. After the new Nvidia drivers i got a random black pixel on my screen and so i began looking at monitors thinking its a dead pixel, and its in quite the irritating spot, worst part is that its not just one pixel but the pixels around it are affected.
Although, after some thought about it and checking, i realized that its clearly not a dead pixel. On every background, other than black, i could see a different coloured pixel which i thought was a dead pixel. I reset my monitor to factory settings hoping it'd help but nothing happened. I then took a full screenshot of my whole desktop, to see that the black pixel was on that screenshot, and yes i moved the ss from its original place. Whenever i hover my cursor over it, the black dot is hidden, although not the surrounding discolouration.
Discolouration AND black pixel.
Red = SS, Blue = Original
Would anyone be able to help and identify a solution?

GTX 680 2GB - Driver version 441.66