Question "Dead" SSD making windows boot up very slow

Dec 11, 2019
First time posting, don't know if I am at the right place.

I have windows 8.1 on my SSD drive and a HDD on the side.
My computer had no issue or problem before , and one day I boot up my computer it says unable to find boot advice. I checked BIOS and it cannot find my SSD drive so I think it dies or something.

I tried to reinstall windows 8.1 on my HDD but stays at the windows logo with the white dot cycle for 30-40 minutes before being able to get in to installation. I thought it was because my windows 8.1 ISO has some problem. Took me almost 10 hours (mostly just waiting the logo boot) troubleshoot i found out it was the SSD problem. If I disconnect the SSD, the boot time is normal.

I check disk manager(installed new windows on my HDD and before i unplug SSD) and try to format my SSD, i stuck at "connecting to virtual disk service".

TLDR: My system drive SSD died and can't get recognized by the system/BIOS(it is still in the device manager but i dont know if it is the old one) slows down my windows boot up for 30-40 minutes. Windows boots normally if i disconnect my SSD. I wonder why does this happen and is there a way to save my SSD? I cannot format it in disk manager which it stucks at "Connect to virtual disk service ".

Do i need some driver update for the SSD?


Oct 2, 2018
I agree with your initial assessment that your SSD appears to be dead or dying. If you are able to gain access to the files on the SSD, then I highly recommend backing up all your data if you have not already done so. Unfortunately, there is no effective way to revive a dead SSD. The only solution available is to replace it.

Faulty drives can cause long boot up times.



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