Question Dead/Stuck Pixel Test for 21:9


Oct 31, 2012
Hi guys.

I recently had a mishap with my 34" curved LG 21:9 ultra wide and the lcd screen now had those dreaded rainbow stripes going up the screen (aka cracked/broke). It's still under warranty, but of course cracked screens are not covered under that.

In the effort to get it repaired, I'm seeing it's more hassle and pretty close to the same price to get it repaired then it is just order a new one.

So, I have a new one coming this week. Model 34GN850. Is there any software out there to test for dead pixels or do I just literally go to YouTube and watch one of these dead pixel test videos? I've never actually done this with past monitors, but since this is another thousand dollar investment I would like to make sure I'm doing everything correctly and make sure that it's operating the way it supposed to know that I've done more research from the crack screen incident.

Also, the only place that I know within my area that does recycling of electronics is Best Buy. Should I take the broken monitor there? Or should I try to sell it on eBay to someone who might be able to actually fix it or get any use out of it. I do not just want to throw it out into a dumpster somewhere, I would like to see that it gets recycled in some form or fashion.

Thanks in advance for any replies.