Jun 28, 2004
Got something weird on my new pc.

At startup the usual process is a fast flash of the BIOS screen, followed by the XP icon and then onto the light blue welcome page before the desktop comes on.

Problem is the screen goes blank for around 70 sec between the XP icon and the welcome page.

Thought it was merely a drivers or XP problem and gathered new drivers on a disc before starting a full reformat.

No luck.

Then tried updating the BIOS and that didn't make a dent either.

I've run Sandra and HD Tach and everything registers fine.

Nothing I do with the software seems to change this long delay.

The techs at the manufacturer are scratching their heads as well.

Waiting almost 2 minutes for full bootup to desktop perturbs me.

Could there be any reason this could be a hardware issue instead of a software one?

My system is a Small Form Factor from MSI with 1gig of generic Kingston RAM, a 2.8 Intel, 80gig HD with 8meg cache, ATI 9800 All-in-Wonder, and Soundblaster Audigy Z2S.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Check in device manager for conflicts. If there are no "?" beside any device, copy down the resources used by nic, and make sure no-one else is using them. SB sound is usually the problem.
There is also a windows time delay to choose an alternate boot. You can reduce this, and some other timer, i think. They are located in msconfig.


May 16, 2002
Give your LAN card a fixed IP address. I know 98 would have a huge delay while it searched for a server to tell it which IP to use. I didn't think XP was the same but it might be worth a go.

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