Question Deal On a 750w PSU Budget Build


Meh. It's probably OK for this particular build, but it's not a very good PSU. From TechPowerUp's teardown.

Time to talk about the negatives, of which there are quite many, which you will have probably already noticed by looking at our list of cons. For starters, my sample died during the over power evaluation, which is a great shame. The primary switching FETs blew up with a hell of a bang. The thing literally exploded, and thankfully, I had it inside a sturdy wooden box or it might have damaged something else in my lab. Seeing a supposedly good PSU die like this is not cool at all. Protection features are there to prevent such incidents. Of course, I sent Gigabyte an email with all of my findings and spoke to the power R&D supervisor, who informed me that they checked five samples which all survived their OPP evaluation test. What left a negative impression on me was that they didn't bother asking for my sample to be sent back to check on what went wrong. With such a colossal failure on hand, the respective brand usually immediately asks for the sample to be returned for a closer examination to find the source of the problem. You might test dozens of samples at the factory, and while all of those pass the tests, what matters the most is finding those with an actual problem for a thorough examination in an attempt to figure out why they broke down. Moving on to the other cons, it uses unknown FETs and caps—I don't feel confident about their reliability over the long run. It is also a huge bummer to see a PSU with an inaccurate power ok signal. Moreover, although the platform's efficiency is high enough at normal loads, this is not the case with very light loads of 2% of the maximum-rated capacity, as well as light loads between 20–80 W. To make matters worse, the 5VSB rail is not efficient, either.

A lot of people are stuck with these from Newegg 3070/3080 combos, many of which included this PSU. I was fortunate as they had finally run out when I got my 3080 drop, so I didn't have to buy one. Newegg has likely had trouble moving these -- Gigabyte used a manufacturer without a history of making these kinds of power supplies -- and there are a bunch of people likely trying to sell these.

What exactly are you paying your friend for this? Youl can start doing better for around $70-$80 at the moment and if it's $60 or so, it's hard to argue for this one.
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Sep 27, 2019
I don't have a lot of options picking up PSUs at the moment and that's why i will take the chance and try it
Thank you so much