Aug 5, 2019
Hello! I’m using an ASUS Vivobook S14 laptop with Windows 10 Pro and recently it’s been giving me a lot of trouble and I had to deal with a bunch of BSODs. First, I started getting a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR bsod when I would leave my laptop on and not use it, be it with the lid closed or not. This bsod always freezes and would never restart the laptop or generate a dump file. I then started getting other bsods such as IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED plus others. In the past two weeks I’ve used it less than usual and now I’ve come to find that it also has problems with freezing. First everything would freeze except the cursor and then that would freeze too and I’ll have to force shut down the laptop. So, I decided to reinstall windows. After a fresh reinstall all the problems still remain. I’ve already ran a memtest and didn’t get any errors. The laptop is pretty much impossible to use as it will either freeze or get a bsod every 5 minutes or have the internet pages just crash a lot while I’m on them.
Here are the dumps from today, after reinstalling windows!Av_UMC5yGfAQmiAjUiTJwJVEehad?e=bkbvhI

The laptop is still under warranty, but I’d like that to be my last resort. However, I’m getting pretty desperate with the situation as nothing I tried seemed to be working and I couldn’t identify what is causing all of this myself.

PC Tailor

Welcome to the forums my friend! I would usually debug each one and file a report however I will not do so in this case. However I will have a quick debug of each one.

Unfortunately the WHEA (Windows Hardware Error Architecture) error is almost solely hardware/firmware based. So likelihood is being as it is a laptop, that it is hardware. A clean W10 install still having issues is likely a hardware problem if that's the case. A variety of different BSOD can also indicate this (your dump files range from IRQL, to System Service Exception).
  • A WHEA error can often be temperature related, have you checked component temperatures under load? (Remember CPU individual cores is important, not just the overall package, you only need 1 core to overheat).
  • Did you reinstall windows using the W10 Media Creation Tool? If not, how did you do it?
  • Are you running any overclock at all?
  • Your first dump file actually points to Direct MS Graphics - this can usually happen if your dedicated GPU is at fault. The remainder of your dump files all point to kernel windows / wink