Dealing with multiple displays - create macro?


Apr 23, 2011
Hello all,

I have a dual display setup wherein one display is my primary PC display and another is a flatscreen LCD TV. I have them setup together in "extended desktop" mode, but it's annoying to have the computer screen constantly on while the big screen is playing multimedia - and it's a waste of power. What's also annoying is losing my mouse cursor when the big screen is off and I scroll past the boundary of the PC screen.

I've been experimenting with setting which ever screen i'm using as my "primary" screen so as to avoid all the aforementioned problems, but it has the additional problem of being a hassle. Right click desktop, screen resolution, select new primary, accept change - watch movie - right click desktop, screen resolution, reset primary, reset which screen defaults to primary when they're both on, accept changes.

I was wondering if there was an easier way to deal with this, or, alternatively, if it would be possible to simply write a couple macros that take care of this process automatically, then bind the macros to a couple unused customizable keys on my keyboard. :)

Any thoughts?


if you only use one screen at a time and your monitor and television share the same resolution you could just use the "copy desktop" mode. this would make your tv appear just like your monitor. you could have whichever turned on that you need.