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[citation][nom]internetlad[/nom]what do you need a 90" tv for? Are you trying to see the microbes on the actor's skin?[/citation]

Don't you mean see the pixels larger than ever?


Dec 7, 2011
"Super cheap & ends soon! 7" Capacitive Touchscreen Android 4.0 WiFi & 3G Tablet (White) for $84.68 with free shipping (normally $99.99)." the same $56.00 crap on ebay. ships from the same warehouse, same old same old.


Dec 25, 2010
The 90" TV even comes with $100 gift certificate for dinner. I'm assuming that is to take your wife/girlfriend/significant other out after they find out you spent more than $7k on a TV. On the bright side, the box is probably big enough to live in until they decide to let you back in the house.


Aug 16, 2006
[citation][nom]edogawa[/nom]Don't you mean see the pixels larger than ever?[/citation]

I have a 60" TV. At a distance of about 7ft the picture looks amazing. Any closer, say when you are walking past the TV or something and just happen to catch it, you can clearly see individual blocks in even 1080p bluray content. Reminds me of the early digital projectors in theaters. You could always see the individual pixels which were about the size of your fist. 90" might work when 2k & 4k hit, but at some point you will have diminishing returns. The IMAX experience is cool, but you still have to sit far enough away to see the whole screen. You'd have to have a huge living/media room to really take advantage of something that size. Also, the better these TVs get, the more it's going to hurt theaters. As it is, my wife and I don't bother seeing anything that isn't on an IMAX screen, because the smaller theater screens are just not as impressive as they used to be, and it's not worth the hassle and money when compared to the bad ass 60" TV that I have now.
At a distance it definitively will be fine; 90" at 1080p is way to low though.

I agree on the IMAX experience too.

I only go to theaters for IMAX these days because normal screens are not worth it when I get sit a home in a recliner which is clean and more relaxing and watch a movie on a large TV.
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