Death of my motherboard or Death of my SSD?


Nov 29, 2017
So frequently my pc has been getting numerous errors and shutdowns and it's like having something flatline on you then come back to life. My ROG STRYX Z370-E Gaming motherboard is probably a little over a year old, While my SSD is close to 4 or something.

The original problem was that at shutdown or restart or sleep, when I woke my computer up it would just blue screen and crash then reboot. It would be stuck in a automatic repair loop then say it could not be repaired and I had to wipe clean the installs on the hard drive. But that didn't solve anything. It continued to do so for sometime until I realize that windows update would get corrupted somehow when I updated on shutdown. I then removed just the essential update which got me back to windows. But my problem persists.

My pc just last night did not wake from sleep correctly and now the second monitor I have doesn't want to work. I updated the drivers, I even updated the bios for my motherboard which really could have been mr problem because my settings we set back to default. BUT, I changed my motherboard to do both integrated and dedicated gpus and the second monitor still won't show. I read online that maybe the bios of the motherboard could be incompatible with windwos 10 or something and I figured maybe just get a new motherboard. BECAUSE, i made another windows install on a HDD and that gave me the same errors as my hard drive now.

I also suspect it to be a motherboard problem because I have two pci-e ports used for USB expansion and those don't work sometimes too unless I take apart the PC and rewire or just switch the slots. I check the settings in the bios to make sure that it's set to work and it is. It's just really frustrating how one session of using my PC works but then all of a sudden the next time it's like a puzzle to figure out what part of it is broken.

I am lost at what to do and I don't want to make things worse by letting it drag on.