Question debug led on mobo and 3 gpus tried but no boot, brand new build.

Nov 19, 2020
about 2 months abmgo i built a new pc, after about a week of using it it shut off randomly, i turned it back on and all the lights and fans and keyboard and mouse were on, but no display. brand new monitors so i know they arent broken and i know the cables are okay. so i looked in and the vga debug LED was on, i thought it was weird because i was using a brand new graphics card and it was working just a few hours prior. so i sent the motherboard back and when i got the new one i still had the same issue, i had thought it really was the gpu so i had my friend bring over another and none of them worked on the motherboard, i brought it to a shop and after about a week the guy said it was the gpu, i brought it back home with my friend and he had one other card that he used with the system and that somehow worked, i brought the system home, and just to be sure i put my original card in the system and it fired up. you might think it ends there but no. after about 2 days i was downloading a game last night and the pc shut off again, the debug LED for vga is on again and this time NONE of the cards work. please help i just want to use my computer, just my luck for a first time build.

here is my specs:
ryzen 5 2600.
msi b450 gaming plus max.
crucial p1 500gb.
wd blue 1tb.
asus geforce gtx 1650 oc 4gb.
evga br 500w.
wd blue 1tb.