Question Debug light and no post after installing new CPU [PLEASE HELP]

Apr 6, 2022
My specs:
Gtx 1660.
500w evga psu
AMD ryzen 3 2200g (trying to install ryzen 7 5800x)
MSI b550-a pro motherboard
16 gigabyte ddr4 ram

So recently i upgraded from my ryzen 3 2200g to the ryzen 7 5800x.
After that i got the cpu debug light and my pc wouldnt boot.
I then got a new mobo, flashed bios and installed the cpu into the new mobo and got the same issue. I tried reinstalling the old cpu, and now the vram debug light is on.
Id love some help dealing with this, being without my pc makes my heart hurt in ways you couldnt imagine

So I recently replaced the cpu (same one) and reseated the ram. I got a post, got a warning that my ram was seated in a non optimized location, and got the message "preparing for automatic repair" or something, I cant remember fully. Then it took me to a blue screen with the option to troubleshoot my pc or continue to windows. I hit continue to windows and got the same 2 messages about rAM and automatic repair, then back to the blue screen. I tried most of the troubleshooting options to no avail. After seating my ram properly i got the cpu light again. With one stick i get the blue screen again, and now today i get no post despite all the ez debug lights flashing and then turning off. I need to know ASAP if i need to return the mobo or not. Please help me
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I tried flashing my bios, so far no difference. However, I have not tried since i put my ram in the right place, so there might be a minuscule chance that it might work after that
I think that you have to take the ryzen 3 2200g out before trying to Flash the new bios version by using the Flash button. And than put the ryzen 7 5800x in place.
Read carefully the procedure in the manual
The procedure is on page 46
Apr 6, 2022
ok so I bought a new CPU (same one) and iI got a post. However, I got a "Repairing pc" boot screen and then it takes me to the blue repair screen. I click continue to windows, and I get the repair message again then back to the blue repair screen. I also got a warning that said my ram was not seated in the right slots, and after turning the pc off and putting it in the ones it told me to, I get the CPU light again, I've tried running with one stick of ram, and I can get into the bios menu, but I still get the repair blue screen loop when trying to continue. Is this a problem with my motherboard? Is it a problem with my ram? I can return the motherboard within a certain period of time, but I need to act fast. One thing I <Mod Edit> up is that accidentally put the ram in DMMA1 first rather than DMMA2. Could that have screwed me over?
Please help ASAP if you can.
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