Question Debuging Jingsha motherboard

Apr 20, 2019

First time writing here. Apologies if this post doesn't follow proper etiquette. Recently I've purchased an "Unbranded" Chinese motherboard to go with my AMD Opteron 6276 cpu. I was able to get the board to POST (or at least I think I did), and the American Megatrends splash screen appeared. Afterwards, there was a prompted to insert a bootable drive so I did. The drive's light flashed for a second, but when I try to use the keyboard nothing happens. The keyboard is unresponsive. So i restarted the server, and tried again this time having the boot drive in the server. Still says that I need to insert a bootable drive. So I try access the bios which was successful, but I could not use my keyboard. Using both an USB and PS/2 Keyboard, I wasn't able to navigate in the bios. I've tried using the front panel USB ports as well as the USB ports embedded on the motherboard, and didn't get more than a flash of light and maybe able to get into the bios. Upon restarting I did notice a code flashing on the bottom of the screen 0033. I've researched this and it means there is a silent boot, so everything should be working right? Is there anything that I'm doing wrong or haven't done yet or did I just get a DOA board?

My specs:
M/B: Jingsha x89 New (Unbranded according to Ebay)
CPU: AMD Opteron 6376
Chassis: Rosewell RSV-R4000 4U
GPU: MSI GeForce GT 710
RAM: Samsung 2x 16GB 1600mhz DDR3 SDRAM Server memory


I think the problem may be from the MB does not have the right BIOS for the Opteron 6276.
And I try to find the info by google, but nothing shows up. So may consider to return the MB, buy other brand.