Dec 9, 2007
The last "How Much RAM Do You Really Need?" article I could find on Tom's Hardware was this:

Note the 2005 tag on there. Even this article claims 2GB is a sound investment (and what an investment it was!). Today, December of 2007, the quality and speed of memory has skyrocketed. Even the cheapest sticks can be overclocked, and for a mere $50.00 2Gb of Memory is easy to get.

For a new builder who wants to run the most modern games like Crysis or Company of Heroes, how much RAM really is required today? Keeping in mind that Vista is probably running in the background for those gamers who need DX-10 (I know how we all feel about that...) but sticking with the DDR2 SDRAM 800, as DDR3 bitterly overpriced right now, and incompatible with most motherboards.