Decent audiophile setup

Feb 10, 2019

I just purchased the parts for my new PC and have decided to get a decent audiophile setup.Parts that I have decided upon are:-
1.Feliks audio echo
2. Philips Fidelio x2
3.ATH m50x
4.Marantz hd dac 1
First of all,are they compatible? If not please suggest replacements.

I can't decide upon the audio interface and the speakers,so I please suggest some good options.Combined budget for both is 1000$(I will use the interface for podcasts and streaming along with music).Also please suggest if there are better components at the same price of my current gear.
Lastly, what wires will I need to connect everything?

Thanks in advance


Jul 19, 2018
I dont think that i am such a big audiophile like you but yeah why not:

I have a 50€ Microphone with XLR (will add the exact model later when im home)
The mic is connected to a Berhringer U-Phoria UMC22. The XLR cable is a Sommer Cable Stage 22 Sg0E-0250-SW

My Headphone are Audio Technica ATH M40X connected to the O²+ODAC i mentioned earlier. The O²+ODAC is conected via USB to the PC and requires a dedicated power source

Its working fine for me. Mic quality is good enough. I´m not doing any kinds of Videos or Podcasts. Only a Gamer that prefers decent mic quality so my teammates dont have to suffer that much :D. The O²+ODAC made my M40X way better and im probably going to buy new ones soon (M50X or Beyerdynanim DT770). This little piece of tech is actually very powerful :D
Feb 10, 2019
@cookiemania66 well I myself am not such a huge audiophile,this being my first foray into audiophile level sound.And thanks for the input.Another thing,I would advise you to keep the m40x and buy the hd598s.Gaming with an open back pair of headphones is just amazing.


Oct 8, 2016
I use a pair of Adam A5X powered studio monitors and they're superb. Built like tanks with carbon fibre main drivers, and ribbon tweeters (look them up) and and a very clean, neutral sound - but still have a kicking bass when they need too.

For the interface I've got a Steinberg UR22 MK2 (24bit/192kHz) and it more than holds it's own, especially for the price. It's actually made by Yamaha and uses their excellent "Natural Sound" pre-amps. It's not pretty but it is a great piece of kit.

Both are within your budget... just, if you shop around

The Adams are ~$450 each, but cheaper if you shop around and find a deal. If they're a bit pricey look at the smaller A3Xs.
The UR 220 is about $80-90 but again shop around.

Cable options for the speakers are balanced XLR or non-balanced RCA.
Interface is balanced XLR x2 (in and out)out and balanced TRS left right out + USB, headphone out, and MIDI (in-out) - if you need that.

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