Mar 15, 2011
are you aware of the Microcenter bundle deal?

id grab your ram in a 8gb set, less likely to run into problems:

that psu is overkill. something like this will still be efficient, reliable, and provide plenty of power:

looks like a pretty cool build, although i dont really see the advantage over a regular sli/crossfire setup.

General Techniq

Jul 21, 2011
Yeah, I've already used that mb/cpu bundle at microcenter once. I just forget to put it in the OP, but that's why the motherboard and processor are both from there.

I'll do that, with the ram. Thanks for the heads up.

I was looking for a bit of overkill with the power supply, but I think I'll change to that antec series you linked, but the 900w model instead.

I was looking to save some cash, and have something to tie me over until I could afford to sli two gtx 590s. I was gonna go with a gtx 570 for a bit, but I found out about that dual gpu and it seems a better fit for what I need as far as I can tell.
easier on wire management and the pocket than doing an sli gtx460 setup.


Aug 7, 2011

Yea that GPU is a beast for its price, suprised that Tom's doesn't have it included in its monthly GPU round ups. Since you are looking to SLI GTX 590, a stock 2500k might bottle neck these and as such you may want to overclock the 2500k, i would stick with the stock cooler for your CPU and when you get your 590s later, also purchase a better air cooling unit to overclock later.