Decent Holiday Liquid Cooling Systems $250 or Less?


Jun 12, 2006
Righteous. Hi.

To start, I want a liquid cooling system for the following reasons, in order from top to bottom:
1. I live in Fresno, California. It's Hot.
2. I live in Fresno, California. It's Dusty as hell. And I got Animal Hair.
3. Not as Loud
4. Cool factor (*coughs* No pun intended)

I'm upgrading my computer.... scrap that, I'm basicly gutting it, and keeping the case and drives, and putting in a new Core 2 Duo and an Asus board with a Nvidia 590 Chipset, with proper RAM, GFX Card, and Power supply. My budget is roughly $1,000.

If I cut down to 1 GB of DDR2 800 RAM, I can afford a $250 liquid cooling system likely. However, if possible, I'd prefer to get 2GB of DDR2 800 RAM, would like to also hear good systems in the $150-$200 range.

I do not mind if it's external (though as usual, would be preferred, but those b'tards are expensive), or internal. I don't mind going through the work of hooking up an internal system. All that matters to me, is that it's the best cooling system for the price, in the area of performance. I'm not expecting to take this thing to LAN Parties.

Also, any details like how many holes will be required would be nice.... if needed, I can go ahead and cut a hole through... living on a ranch has its advantages.

Alternatively... if there's a big giant comparison article to all the cooling systems out there... point me to that too :p


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