Question Decided to finally upgrade my FX-4100


Feb 8, 2012
With the launch of Ryzen 3600x today, I’ve decided to upgrade from a failing FX-4100. I’ve done research over the past few weeks, but with the 3rd gen getting released I just got more questions about changing a CPU and Mobo. Looking at pairing the 3600x with a Asus Prime X-470 Pro, and Corsair Vengeance Pro 16gb 3200Mhz C16.

I’ve read in other posts that some motherboards need a bios update that can only be done with a gen 1/2 CPU. Other posts say that flash drive with a bios update from the manufacturer is all I’ll need. I’m way to new at pc building to know what I’ll actually need done to get everything working, will this cpu, mobo, ram combo have everything I need to get the best performance. Should I get faster ram, different mobo, or just wait until I see someone who’s tried the same mobo/cpu combo and ask them?

A few more questions I also have, I currently have a gtx970 that only goes under ~30% load in most games while the CPU is always under 100% load. While I only game at 1080p 60hz, I’m hoping to upgrade to a 2070 super in the coming months, could I expect 2070 super to do 1080p 144hz, or 1440p ~100hz. I’m hoping to a do ultra wide monitor but don’t know what refresh rate or resolution would be best. I’d also like for the rig to be VR ready. Thanks to anyone who’s made it this far.
Mar 29, 2019
I would suggest trying to purchase an x570 chipset motherboard. This is because the motherboard is going to have out of the box support for Ryzen 3rd gen CPU's and the added benefit of PCIe Gen 4.

As of the listed motherboard (Asus Prime X-470 Pro) I could not find any listed support of Ryzen 3rd Gen on the official webpage for this motherboard. (

As for your second question. Your CPU may not be able to keep up with your GPU creating a bottleneck for the CPU. For further information it would help to determine this factor if the CPU name was listed.
All 300 and 400 chipset MBs will need BIOS and AGESA updated to work with 3gen. Only other way is to get x570 MB (not even their BIOS is ideal yet) or wait a bit for b550 MBs that are sure to come out soon which should be ideal for 6 core CPUs.