Question Deciding between two 4K curved monitors: Samsung U32R590 and Philips 328E1CA

Which monitor would you choose?

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Sep 28, 2019
I am trying to decide between these two 4K curved monitors:

Philips 328E1CA (
Samsung U32R590 ( )

Here is a comparison of both:

Although the Philips is priced lower, it is about $100 cheaper for me to buy the Samsung as I am based in Australia and couldn't find any Australian stores that stock the Philips, and international delivery adds a lot of extra cost.

The two monitors are very similar (almost identical in specifications). I have seen many reviews for the Samsung, but only a handful of reviews on the Philips so far. I think this is because the Samsung has been in the market for longer but I'm not sure. In both cases the reviews are favourable.

The comparison site linked above shows the Philips only has 16.7m colours while the Samsung has 1 billion+, however on the amazon store the Philips is advertised as also having 1 billion+, so I'm not 100% sure on those specs.

Here's a pro and con list:

+ Adaptive Sync​
+ SVA Panel instead of VA​
+ Speakers​
+ Extra HDMI slot​
- Fewer colours​
- More expensive (for me)​
+ Cheaper (for me)​
+ More colours​
+ Picture by Picture (though I would most likely never use this)​
- No sync technology​
- No speakers​
- VA instead of SVA​
The Philips also has a VESA mount which the Samsung lacks but I have no plan to make use of this anyway.

Personally I am leaning toward the Philips monitor, even though it is a little more expensive for me. I am still considering the Samsung however as it is almost identical, appears to be quite popular and is currently on sale at my local store, where I could pick it up immediately for about $100 cheaper.

One thing that bothers me is that searching online, the Samsung appears to be a very popular choice for this type of monitor. Even on this website it's listed as the Best Budget 4K Gaming Monitor:,6023.html

The Philips has almost identical specs, is listed at a cheaper price and includes features like a VESA mount and Adaptive Sync that the Samsung lacks, however it doesn't seem to have nearly the popularity of the Samsung judging by the lack of reviews/interest in the product when searching online. Am I missing something here?

Are there any other factors you think I should consider before making a decision? If there are any benefits either way that I'm unaware of, please let me know.
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