Question Decrease the download speed of wifi devices


Sep 17, 2015
I am trying to limit my download speed from my Wifi devices . My router is this " Zyxel AMG1202-T10B " , I have found some tutorials about how to decrease the download speed from other devices but I don't have the same menu with the videos that I saw . So I went to QoS and then I pressed add new classifier but there are many choices . I found where to put the IP Address but I cant understand where should I place the download limit... It has something called DHCP should I do something to this ?
Not sure I found the proper manual but like I suspected that router is pretty much worthless when it comes to QoS. Like many routers it has tons of stuff that does absolutely nothing. You can not use DSCP or precedence on the internet.

Like many router QoS it only has the ability to limit UPLOAD rates. It has no ability to limit download rates. It is even more basic does not really even have the ability to put limits on rates it just lets you queue them at different priority.

Now if you were to get a more advanced router you still really can't limit WiFi devices just because they are wifi. You would have to use ip addresses or maybe mac addresses. The detail vary a lot between routers so it is going to depend on what you buy.

Asus and tplink devices tend to have better QoS in the factory firmware images. Since you have a DSL modem in you can not use third part firmware


I have this router and it's QoS has the ability to control bandwidth by actual amounts in megabits rather than just priority.

Has good range too.

Has proper port forwarding that actually works.

Can be remotely controlled via an APP on your phone.

I haven't looked at it lately to remember if the you have to use MAC address or IP address or if it offers for both when it comes to QoS, and I'm not home so I can't check, but if it is IP address, not hard, just connect all your wireless devices using a static IP.

The router costs $46.