Question DECT Device via Bridged Wireless Routers

Mar 16, 2020
Hello All!
I am installing and configuring devices in a house that has three floors, in which two families live. The basement floor is where the ADSL comes into the house and connects to the "main Internet router". This router is then connected via its LAN 1 port to a TP-Link router on the first floor and via its LAN 2 port to a TP-Link router on the third floor via both of those router's WAN ports which are configured as bridges.

I configured the telephony options on the basement router and the DECT phone works fine when plugged into that router's TAE port.

The problem is that I need the DECT phone on the first floor, which means, it needs to be connected to the second router in the chain. I can't seem to get it working when connected to that router. I have configured the telephony options on the first TP-LINK but the phone will not work when connected to that router.

Is it even possible to bridge a DECT-based telephony connection? Any suggestions what what I should do?

Thank you in advance to you all!!
I am pretty sure that is just a normal analog phone port. The best option would be to plug the house phone ports into the basement router and then plug the phone into the ports in wall jacks in the house. I would hope you house still has the phone jacks, even though many people no long use hard line phones.

The ports in a ADSL router just connect telephone to the incoming phone line. When you use the wan port on your router you do not have a phone line so those ports do nothing.

You would need some form of VoIP but the phone you have I don't think can directly run VoIP you need some box that you could connect the phone to and then plug that into any lan port. Most people that use VoIP use apps on their cell phone and wireless connect to the router.