Dedicated Ethernet/Wired vs. Onboard Ethernet


Apr 14, 2011
I just had a few questions for anyone that could help:

I'm about to build a new SFF PC ( That may be transported around place to place ) and I wanted to be able to get the best Wired/Wireless connectivity that I could get within my budget and I was just wondering IF:

-- Are there any noticeable performance gains from using a dedicated Ethernet card rather than using the motherboards Onboard Ethernet? --

Also, as far as enabling wireless connectivity for the system, is this a, quote, "good-enough" Wireless adapter:

I'd appreciate if someone could help me out with those questions!



For a wired card it only matters if you are pushing lots of traffic, need a certain feature set, or prefer a certain brand. Some brands are better (Marvell, Broadcom, Intel) than others (Realtek). Additionally, some do not play well with other operating systems other than windows.

That wireless adapter should work fine, but I wouldn't expect much range or throughput out of it with an antenna that small.