Question dedicated sound card vs on board

Apr 14, 2019

I am familiar with building computers, but not very good with sound. My PC build has a very cheap AsRock H110m motherboard. My sound is not that good. I was thinking to buy a dedicated Sound Card. Would it make a difference? I have very cheap speakers, but if I play games I use my HyperX Cloud 2 Headset (USB connection).

My question is:

How does my sound work when I'm using my headset. What driver does my headset uses when connected through USB? Is it my onboard graphics from my motherboard or the one from the headset itself? Would it help if I upgrade to a dedicated sound card or not?

And if I upgrade to a dedicated sound card, do I have to plug my headset into the sound card instead of through the USB connection? Many thanks for the help :)
Dedicated sound card would only help with speakers/headphones using analog inputs and only if using very good speakers/headphones.
USB connected speakers/headphones have own DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) and they get digital audio signal independent of CODEC chip on MB or dedicated sound card and would use own drivers.