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Question Deep cool case fan issues

Apr 1, 2020
I’ve had the deep cool matrexx 70 for about 6m now and I have never been able to get the fans addressable RGB to work. I’m hoping someone can help give me some input on this.

mobo: msi pro carbon ac z390
Case: deep cool matrexx 70
Fans: 3x deep cool (no hub, daisy chained, unsure exact model included with case), 2x Corsair LL140 (used with hub, no lighting node pro, mobo controlled)

I installed the Corsair fans today and they work perfectly but the deep cool fans that came with the case just won’t work properly. I do plan to just replace them with 3x Cosair 120mm ones but in the mean time I’d like to figure out if it’s the fans or if I’m doing something wrong. My case does have a button and plugged into that or directly into the mobo via a 3pin connector the result is all the same and the lighting can’t be changed. Is there any alternative way to plug them into my Corsair hub? What cable would I need to convert these to the same input? See included photos

View: https://imgur.com/a/awWPCUQ