Question Deepcool Castle 240EX AIO: Pump RGB no longer turning on Aorus X570 Elite

Apr 23, 2020
I own an Aorus X570 Elite motherboard and a Deepcool castle 240EX AIO. This question is regarding the light (LED) on my AIO not turning on even though it's connected to the correct connector.

After I finished building my PC and putting all the parts together, the RGB light of my Deepcool Castle AIO turned on along with the lights of my motherboard and my memory. I had plugged the AIO's 3-pin RGB wire into the D_LED2 connector on my motherboard via the extension cable that comes with the cooler. However, after installing some drivers, I rebooted the system, and when on this boot, the LED light for the AIO did not turn on.

Thankfully, the motherboard (Aorus X570 Elite) has two D_LED headers so I just plugged the cooler into the second header. And voila! The light was back and I was happy. However, I restarted the system, and then the light was gone again. I tried switching the port again but nothing happened.

The problem is not that I am not able to control the lighting of the AIO. The problem is that the RGB lights in the AIO are NOT even turning on. They only turned on twice: once during the first boot/POST of the computer when the RGB wire from the AIO was connected to the D_LED2 header on the motherboard. And one more time when I changed the header to D_LED1 because the lights stopped working in D_LED2.

Now, the pump does come with a manual method of controlling the RGB by which I can connect the 3-pin RGB wire from the pump to another cable that connects directly to the PSU with a SATA cable and has a manual control box. Even this doesn't work and the AIO RGB stays off.

The pump light from the castle is gorgeous and I really don't want to settle with it not working. Everything works fine. The cooler is working and I am getting decent temps for both idle and load.

I am not sure what happened when I connected the AIO's RGB to the motherboard but I believe that it can be undone. I hope that someone here can help me with this problem.

For other specifications and pictures related to my case, you can look at this Reddit post that I made a few days ago: View: