Default Motherboard settings haywire?


Dec 29, 2008
I have an Asus P5QL Pro Motherboard with a Q6600. I read the tutorials here on Tom's Hardware of how to overclock the Q6600 and I had it running at 3.0 ghz for awhile. When I ran the Prime95 stress test I got a BSOD after about 6 minutes and decided I had tweaked it enough for the night (it was about 3:00 in the morning) and I quickly went in to the BIOS and restored the "Default" settings and went to bed. My computer has run just fine since, but my problem is that my idling temps are now at ~45 C and they jump up to ~65 under a full load. Before I messed with the settings in the BIOS I was idling at about ~28 - 30 and it would never get above ~50 C under a full load.

Are the "Default" settings on the motherboard different than what it originally installs at? I don't understand why my core temps would be that different if I restored them back to default. Any ideas?


Aug 13, 2007
Get your MB manual out and find out how to use the jumper to "Reset Bios" or take the little 3v battery out for a minute then reinstall.
Have the PC turned OFF and dont work where the floor is carpeted.
Touch the case before reaching inside to discharge any static electricty you might have in your body.