May 26, 2012
So my friend just recently bought a decent gaming computer from iBuypower. He's been using it for a few months and so far it's pretty nice, except for one problem. When he plays Minecraft, and Minecraft only, his screen flickers a little bit. Nothing too major, but it gets pretty annoying.
He plays on a 32inch Vizio 1920x1080i tv, so I thought maybe he's playing on to big of a display for an Nvidia GT 610. So I brought over my smaller 19inch monitor, and we still got flickers. We even tried using different ports, such as HDMI, DVi, and analog, still flickers.

So is this a graphics card problem or is it maybe Minecraft? Btw, I said it before, but his gpu is a Nividia GT 610.

Thanks a lot guys.