Build Advice Define R5 paired with MSI PRO B760M-A --> fan queries

Planning to pair the Define R5 with the MSI PRO B760M-A and had a question about fan headers. From the motherboard specs it looks like it has two system fan headers, so I believe that should cover the two included case fans. From what I've seen/read about the R5, it also comes with a fan controller for the case fans - am I correct in thinking that this is Sata powered, meaning I don't need to worry about any other headers on the motherboard?

Thanks for any tips. 👍😊
Ah, so the motherboard specs show "2x System Fan" as part of the internal IO, and apparently the case's fan controller is sata powered - so that should mean it can all function as it needs to, and can control the fan speed based on cpu/mobo temps? (sorry if I'm being a dumb dumb and not getting it)
Ok, found another TH post that stated with the R5 there is "the option to connect the two included case fans to mobo headers to allow the mobo to do automatic control of them for you, and forget the front case switch"

So I guess that's what you meant by "...the fans to change based on the CPU or motherboard temperature".

I guess that is a better option than having to turn the fan switch up and down (first world problems 🤣)

Do you happen to know/have experience with what kind of connectors are on the R5 case fans, and whether they can be used with standard system fan headers to control themselves automatically?
The product page for Define R5 specifies the fans as "Fractal Design Dynamic GP-14". The product page for the fans list them as 3 pin fans. Standard 3 pin fans.

They will work on any moderboard made the last 10-15 years, but you have to set them to DC mode in BIOS, unless the moderbord identifies them as such by itself. Then their speed will be controller by the temperature.
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