Question Define R6 Front radiator fan suggestions


Jun 25, 2009
So I'm going to be putting together my system in a define 6 case and want to make sure my airflow is acceptable. I'm going to be mounting a 240mm aio (fractal Celsius s24), probably in push, in the front of the case. I want to avoid opening the top vent for an extra exhaust mainly due to sound (partially due to aesthetics), so I'm aiming to have enough airflow with just a single 140 mm fan as the exhaust (which has a capacity of 105.9 cfm). The two fans can output around 104.6 cfm combined, not counting the reduction that will be caused by the radiator itself and the Define r6's front dust shield.

Now something to take into consideration is that I'm going to be using Sapphire's Pulse 5700XT as my gpu, which has an interesting setup for an AIB card- horizontal fins. This means that half of the heated air the gpu creates will actually be able to vent out the back of the card and out of the case, while half will blow back into the case and need to be vented. Through very rough calculations, the airflow the card generates may be around 30 cfm in each direction.

My question is this, should I go with:

Option 1: 2x 120 mm fans on Radiator as front intake , 1 x 140 mm exhaust

Option 2: Same as above, but with an additional 140mm intake at the bottom to increase 'positive pressure', although I'm worried that with just 1 exhaust this will be too positive.