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Question Defrag Shadow Copy

Dec 4, 2019
Hello All,

I am using O&O Defrag 23 Professional .
I have roughly 34 TB's of data spread across some NVME SSD and IDE drives.
The one in question here is my NVME Samsung 970 Evo plus 2TB drive which the program is telling me is a shadow copy.
I am hoping someone can clarify how I proceed with the TRIM operation where it is telling me that it has to do with windows backups and if TRIM is used it will corrupt the shadow copy.
What should I do in this scenario? is there a special method to which TRIM can be used without corrupting the shadow copy?
I would most likely just format and reinstall fresh if something were to happen instead of using the backup.
Should I then just TRIM anyway if so can I delete this shadow copy to free extra space?

Asus x299 Prime Edition 30
Intel I9 10900x
Asus 2080 TI
Gskill 3600mhz 128gb GTRZ
Corsair 1000w AX1000
Cyberpower 1500PFCLCD
NZXT Kraken x62
Acer Predator x27
M2 970 Evo Plus
Dec 4, 2019
I have found the resolution for this issue on Windows 10.
In Control Panel\System and Security\System\System Protection\Configure
where it says Restore Settings, you have Turn on system protection or Disable system protection.
Just disable protection (I rebooted here) then run your defrag tool and run SSD Trim.
You can then re-enable protection once complete.
Defrag and your SSD is a complete waste of time and destroys the SSD. Windows 10 automatically runs trim and you don’t have to do anything so your solution is don’t ever defragment SSD’s and don’t do anything let windows take care of it