Question Dekstop WIFI Issue... Any ideas?

Apr 3, 2020
Hi All,

Out of nowhere my desktop decided to throw up on of the most annoying WIFI issue I've ever came across recently and no scouring on the web has seemed to fix it so far...

In a nutshell, my PC is connecting to my 'Sky' home router (Latest one - Black), but WILL NOT access the internet.... However it will connect to the internet through my phone through personal hotspot... may I also add that other devices are connecting to my WIFI fine also... Therefore there seems to be an issue between my PC and my WIFI connecting specifically.

I've been running the troubleshooter all afternoon and its spat out the following issues 90% of the time..

  • WIFI Doesn't have a valid IP Configuration
  • Issues with Gateway
After scouring the web I've tried the following fixes I could find;

  • Reset Router (Including all variations of switching off... disconnecting from mains etc)
  • Turn off PC (Including restarting it about 20 times in between)
  • Uninstalling my Wifi drivers / Disabling drivers / and Updating the drivers.............. My Wifi driver is 'Intel' Wireless-AC 9260 160Mhz.
  • Ran Ipconfig /release and /renew about 5 times
  • Ran DNS Flush
  • Uninstalled latest windows update
  • Doesn't let me re-roll to previous update (Aka Rollback)
If it makes any difference... A problem I was having when doing Ipconfig renew etc.. it was only working when connecting to my phone... obviously I had no connectivity through home wifi.

It seems to have came about very randomly... last thing I remember doing last night was installing the latest update for my graphics card... then bam next time I'm on the PC no internet connectivity... so frustrating!

Only other ideas I can think of;

  • Plug in using Ethernet (Will this make any difference? I can do it short term but too far away to not be on wifi later)
  • Full Windows Reinstall...
If you need any more information please ask and Ill reply ASAP.

Any advice would be appreciated!


Dec 6, 2015
Call your ISP and make sure your account is up to date. I had the same thing happen once when Comcast screwed up my automatic payment and stopped my Internet service without notifying me.