Delay between me and game servers


Aug 14, 2011
Hey there, I've been having issues for the past 2 weeks with my network.
There are 3 computers connected to the router through an ethernet cable the router is connected to the modem.

There are times where me and my brother who is on the same network are having issues with latency. It can arrange between 150 - 300 when it's usually around 25 - 60. The issues happen at pretty much random times, not only at peak hours but it can happen at every moment of the day.

We both double checked if we have any P2P programs on or anything that could trouble the network, we don't.

I've tried a few network scanners, but I can't seem to find out how they work or atleast give me the answers I'm seeking for.

One thing that looks like it fixes it sometimes is by disabling my own network adapter and re-enabling it, I'm not 100% sure this works every time.

When doing a traceroute it's says that going to the ip address (xxx because i'm not sure if it makes me vulnerable to giev the full IP), will show the delay of about 200 ms. So the problem appears to be at that IP. I am not sure what IP that is since it comes after the IP of the router (

I hope you guys can clarify what the thing laying underneath that IP is and how |I can fix it/ how network protocol scanners etc. work to scan for the core of the issue.

Thanks in advance.
What is running on that third computer?

A ping of more than a few milliseconds to your own router means the router is overloaded by something. Maybe a large download, or someone outside your router is flooding it with packets (who is your Internet provider?), or perhaps your router needs to be rebooted.