Feb 14, 2017
After we had a power failure in our house while I was using my pc, my typing is now delayed all over windows programs. When I am typing, the characters are typed way slower on my screen than I am typing. This really annoys me and makes me "misstype" much more because of that. I have like 65 words per minute on typeracer, so that's kinda a reference to how fast I type. The typing delay thing is not selected under windows. I also tried uninstalling programs and reinstalling then but it literally stays the same. Chrome, Visual Studio Code, Discord, etc... It annoys me a lot, I need some help..
The power failure could’ve damaged components inside your PC which may now need to be repaired. Keyboards are relatively cheap and if you have a spare one plug that into your USB port and see if that clears up the problem
First plug your Keyboard (or sender) into another USB socket.
Windows 10 also has a troubleshooter for both your Keyboard and Bluetooth if you have a wireless keyboard.. Click on the notice bubble at the lower right corner of the screen, choose All Settings (click "expand" if you don't see it) > Updates and Security> Troubleshoot. or Hold down the Windows key press the S key and start typing "trouble" and the Troubleshooting link will show up.
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