Delayed (Very) Power UP


Apr 11, 2012
Hi all.

I've got an issue that's a little perplexing; when I try to power on my computer after, say, overnight, it takes roughly 20min before power kicks on. Once it's up and running I can shut down and start again w/o issues. No. 1 suspect was the psu (Seasonic x560 Gold) and when I first checked it with a multi-meter all was good. Problem persisted though.

Eventually I re-checked the psu and the voltages were running low - aha. I then heard an audible click from the unit while I had the meter checking and the voltages were back spot on normal. Faulty psu I'm thinking, so I rma for a new one (on it's way).

I am starting to think it may be something else though. Could it be some sort of 'wake' bios event or faulty motherboard? Has anyone had an issue like this? I have tried firing up w/o video card, memory but system remained dead. The motherboard's power light is on at all times though. Front power switch is good, checked with continuity test.

Has anyone heard of a setting where full power is on a delayed delivery?

My apologies for the long post and many thanks in advance.