Dec 31, 2007
Hello all, so last night after getting home and trying to watch kenichi off of my 32gb centon sport drive i am greeted to three strange .dir files, one hidden and a constant message saying that my jump drive is suffering from a delayed write fail. The drive worked perfectly when i took it out of my school pc and now i cant access any of my data AND for some reason it is causing explorer.exe to crash and i am unable to end or restart it through the task manager. PLEASE HELP!!!


Aug 15, 2006

you can format the USB Drive because i think that is a virus. secondly this delayed write fail means that your usb drive is transferring data and suddenly the drive has stopped working, this can be either u have unplugged it from the computer or there is a fault in it. in this case the data is lost, which is being copied. if the data is important then format the drive and recover the data from a software that supports recovery from usb drive. and if formatting the drive does not solve the problem then i think the drive has some problems and must be given in warranty. Hope i helped