Mar 6, 2006
I swear to Brian Boitano, I have read virtually every major review there is and a mind-numbing number of forum-posts here and elswhere and I'm no closer to choosing a motherboard than the day I started. They all seem to have real issues. Is it just bad timing?

What im looking for is:

Gaming Comp
Duo E6600
Fast DDR2 800 RAM

And a board that is:

A) relatively easy to install for a beginner
B) decent OC ability, tho does not have need to be extreme
C) does not need SLI/Crossfire

Ive looked at the GB DS3, Abit Pro, Asus AB5, MSI Plat, etc etc etc., and damnit its quite literally impossible dicsern to best choice. Im probably overthinking this and any of these would do, i bet. If thats true, then which would be best suited for a novice builder?

Gah i feel dirty even posting so ashamed :oops:

But seriously tho, if you had to recommend a current mobo to a new builder, which would you?

Try this..Look at how much $$ you want to spend,and what onboard features you want/need and ,,,,, make a decsion,,because,,in a given price range/cpu install/ram,etc there will not be that much of a difference..
Simple ,no ???