Delete old drivers when installing new card by same company?


Oct 31, 2011
Silly question, I know. But im new to all this. Im upgrading from one ATI card to a new one (6750 to 6850). Do I need to bother deleting all the old ATI drivers and programs, or can I just leave them since they are such similar cards? Thanks.
It doesn't hurt to just remove the old card, and insert the new. Most likely it will work if the driver is the same.
At the worst, you can do the delete driver and cleanup the registry bit.

If you change nvidia/ati, then it is best to uninstall the old card, delete the old software, and install the new card.
It will operate in basic mode without a driver. Something like 640 x 320 resolution. Enough to navigate the internet and download the proper driver.
If I planned ahead, I would have already downloaded the new software.

Personally, I always go to the graphics web site to get the latest driver, and not use the cd.

In the past, when a new generation of cards was launched, the cd was a better option. Probably specific testing for that card.


I just did an AMD card swap - took out the old, plugged in the new and downloaded the latest drivers (which uninstalled my old Vision Control Center and installed a new one)....easy...

I mean, they do want you to buy their stuff :) And I've found drivers CDs are often so out of date, their worthless - but they can be useful for utilities.