Deleted a game downloaded from microsoft store, but I didn't gain any space back ?


Dec 31, 2017
The game takes 50 gb or more space.
I deleted by using ccleaner.
I still didn't get back my 50gb space.

I think this happened once before. Which means, I am lacking 100gb.
Installed, deleted, didn't get back my 50gb. No solution to be found. I installed it back.
Now I deleted again. so probably 100gb.

Microsoft store has some major issue.

I am guessing the only single solution is to reinstall windows and waste 8 hours and few days
to get back to my wished settings downloading all the softwares and stuff. =[
I'm not even confident in installing windows by myself. So I don't want to if possible though.

The game is called "Killer Instinct".
Absolutely no customer support page to be found in their official website.

The problem is when you install this game, there is no select the location where you want to install the game. So they install "in this very secret" place. Where you can never find the location of the game installation folder. Don't know why they do this.
So I can't even just find the folder and delete.
I deleted through ccleaner which should completely delete better than control panel.

It's so frustrating.