deleted administrator account in PC but one user

Oct 28, 2018
i delete my administrator account accidenttally. i want it back but i only have one user,which my current account now.i dont have any user,how to get back deleted administrator in my PC? please help me!
How did you delete the admin account?
You can only delete it from another admin account, since you cannot delete from a standard or guest user.

Have you tried creating another Administrator account?

Boot into safe mode by pressing F8 at boot time and once in Safe Mode, the built-in administrator account is available automatically (no password by default).

If you deleted the Windows built-in administrator account, and you have no other accounts, then you have to erase the computer and re-install Windows.

If your computer was shipped with Windows 7, then you could use the manufacturer's built-in recovery mode.



You cannot delete the built-in Administrator account, you can only enable/disable it. You CAN, however delete the profile for that account, which will be regenerated upon the next login.

I don't know if it's called deleted or disabled...but on Windows 7, it can be deleted it by editing the registry.
To get it back, the registry must be returned to default (e.g. registry key backup).
It would not be regenerated upon the next login unless the registry key is restored.
We do it at work all the time, to both built-in Administrator and guess accounts.