Deleted two of three partitions on GPT HDD; Drive now disappears


May 7, 2012
Hi all,

I have a little (hopefully!) problem with my main storage drive (1TB). I originally partitioned it at GPT because I thought I might make a bunch of partitions. I ended up making three, one big one, a second, smaller one with large cluster size for videos, and a third, small partition for a page file.

I recently rebuilt my system and decided I wanted to merge the two smaller partitions into the first, big one, so I downloaded EaseUS Partition Master. It allowed me to delete both partitions 2 and 3 (the smaller ones). I then wanted to merge them, but didn't see the option, and realized there may be a difficulty due to GPT. After looking around for another program that could do it, when I went back to look at the drive, it was gone.

I rebooted, and it was once again there, but it disappeared again. I assume I messed up the partition table(s), now that I read up on them a little. So the question is, is there a fix? That main partition has a lot of personal stuff (photos, etc.) that I was in the process of backing up, but hadn't gotten there yet (yikes!). Help would be greatly appreciated!



May 27, 2012
I have not had any experience with that app you used, or formatting a drive using GPT, but you can try a data recovery app called GetDataBack. I have used it to get data from defective and damaged drives and it has worked wonders! Also, see if the company that makes EaseUS has a solution by checking their webpage, or do a Google search on your problem to see if others have had the same problem. Maybe you can find a solution that way.