Deleteing cookies

lilo moeschl

Apr 20, 2011
i tried to delete cookies etc. clean up my computer, and a code 5 appears, and therefore does not permit me to finish the setup! i have windows 98, can u help me?. thank you. i can not afford to purchase a program to do same. lilo.
Is this the error you see?

Code 5

The driver for this device requested a resource that Windows does not know how to handle. (Code 5)

To fix this, click Update Driver to update the driver for this device.

Solution button: Update Driver

This code indicates that there was a device failure due to the lack of an arbitrator. If a device requests a resource type for which there is no arbitrator, you receive this error code.

To resolve this problem, update the driver as suggested, or use Device Manager to remove the device and then run the Add New Hardware tool in Control Panel.