Deleting and Deactivating ACCOUNT


A silly, but curious question I need to ask. Please bear with me. If I deactivate/delete my own ACCOUNT, will all my posting history, replies, trophies are also going to be DELETED, or they would be still visible to other forum members ??

Can we DELETE/nuke our own Account on a permanent basis ? What will it display under my handle/username, "Account deactivated", or some other thing ? I don't want the word BANNED to be displayed though, lol.

EDIT: What about the original Topics/threads which I've created till now ? Will they also get nuked/deleted ??
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Historically, closed/deleted/banned accounts would not have their threads deleted (unless individually warranted), but those threads would be attributed to "anonymous".
As a result, there would be no way for a forum member to track your account to posting history, as posting history would not longer be yours - and anonymous should encompass every non-active account.
Not 100% if this still the case.

Your account likely wouldn't be publically visible at all , and it certainly shouldn't show as "banned" if you're the one who instructed it (ie, you weren't actually 'banned').
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No, I'm not 100% sure - but I will ask for more info and get you a definitive response. Might take a little bit of time with the forum changes going on.

That's certainly how it used to work, and I see no reason it wouldn't still be the case, but I'd hate to tell you definitively and be wrong.
Any more updates on this issue ? But as previously discussed via PM, if the outcome of this account deletion process/system remains same, then I'm OK with it.

I will initiate this Account deletion from my side. Just give me some time. Sorry to bother you, and THANKS for all the help though. Much appreciated.
Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your support, and concern shown via PMs, and also here at the forums. It means a LOT to me !

You guys are awesome ! And, this is indeed a great community, and a lot of knowledgeable peeps hang out here, including the Moderators, and other regular forum members. Hats off !

Okay, I have finally made a decision to stay here. I won't be deleting my own Account. Though, I might take a weekly break, if the forum stresses me out.
Anyways, I'm NOT deleting this account. Sorry for creating all this mess.

Take care, NICK.