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Question delidding cpu screw up


Dec 10, 2012
bought a computer used for Kijiji. decided to put new fans in and clean all the dirt away. I unlocked the latch to get access to the CPU to clean. the heat spreader moved and I freaked out. The computer booted fine, but after running stress test I noticed temperatures spiked. After searching I for reasons why the heat spreader moved I found about the delidding process. As the heat spredder was already disconnected i decided to clean die and apply new thermal paste (Arctic MX4). put it back together and installed. Now my computer does not boot.

motherboard is msi z87m , cpu 4770K, error code D0 = Late CPU Initialization or 00 = no such code on the debug sheet, 8-segment LED display unable to tell which.

Can someone help me.


Feb 4, 2016
What CPU cooler was on it when you bought it? Unconfirmed muppet sighting. Put in new fans, clean dirt. Does 'fans' in your dictionary mean the 'heatsink and fan that should be attached to the cpu socket when operating the device?'. Or does it mean 'there are a couple of chassis fans that were dusty?' My universal translator is struggling with your lexicon.

You can only see the ihs (integrated heat spreader) when there is no cooler attached on top of the cpu yes? So how'd you see it move? The system was supplied without a cpu cooler? And then he stressed it with no heat sink attached. :screamcat:

Sounds peculiar because most delids and repastes report a drop in cpu temp.

Was the previous thermal material under the heat spreader liquid metal? Is the chip package varnished?

What's the make and model of the psu?

Do you have the Samaritans in your country?

It came from a pre warp civilization where they don't tell you the cpu was de-lidded therefore Starfleet protocols prohibit interference in cultural development. Unlike the motor industry that generally has a log of vehicle maintenance. Anyway I'm sure an objection will be noted in the captain's log. I dunno who'd have the brass to try and sell a second hand pc these days. Or buy one. o_O

Could also be bent pins in cpu socket. Sounds like the OP has quit.