News Dell’s UltraSharp 32 HDR PremierColor Could be the Best Professional Monitor Around


Apr 12, 2021
Long shot but does anyone know for sure whether this Dell UP3221Q will allow the use of the 2,000 FALD array for non-HDR content? So, online streaming, non-HDR games, 1080p blu-rays etc.? Some comments I've seen on YT suggest not, which really confuses me as the Asus FALD displays can along with most other local dimming solutions I've read about. Maybe it is cheaper not to implement the algorithm for SDR dimming? Seems a real waste to me if not though.

I'd like to get a 32" 4K screen with local dimming (ideal would be OLED of course, but I don't even have the option of burning money on the new LG 32EP950 as typically with new monitors it isn't available anywhere in the known universe despite being announced and released this year) and the Asus options (ProArt and the PG32UQX) are £4,000 and £3,300 respectively in the UK.

The Dell is available at £2,100 factory sealed (unopened order returns) from a Dell approved reseller on Amazon so in theory could be a cheaper and even better option for local dimming performance (almost double the number of zones than the Asus displays). But if local dimming is restricted to HDR, then it is a different story.

As a disclaimer, I know that these displays are expensive because they are for professionals who need colour-critical etc. (or in the case of the new Asus PG32UQX because of top-tier gaming features or whatever) but it would be nice to have the option to buy a screen with a decent FALD implementation for content consumption if I want to without remortgaging the house!