Question Dell 0crh6c compatible with w3680 or x5690

Jul 16, 2022
I bought a Dell 0crh6c and a w3680 xeon and I finally started assembling the system and I noticed that it didn’t display any video, which I thought this combo would work because I saw it from a video and also comment sections. Then after doing the cmos trick cleaning ram etc… I figured that I should go to the depths and I found some mixed info about this w3680 and Dell 0crh6c mobo combo, which majority said it wasn’t compatible, then they recommend the x5690 which is the fastest one that works on my mobo.
The thing is, does it need a previous bios upgrade for it to work, also do I need to get two x5690 for the motherboard or can I simply put one and it works fine
I messed up regarding this and now I need help quite urgently and the problem is that online there’s barely anything regarding all of these products