Dell 2005FPW prolems (solutions?)


Dec 3, 2005
Hey everyone, well i purchased a 2005FPW on the 5th of January. Everything's gone great, up until i started reading about leakage...

While i was playing some Quake IV, i noticed that in the beginning movie thing, the bottom corners had significant light coming from them (keep in mind the lights in the room were turned off and the screen is black). Now, i'm wondering, are there any solutions to fixing backlight leakage? Or is a replacement the only way to go? It's annoying since i know its there and it just bugs me out...Worth replacing or are there alternatives?

Lemme know ASAP if you can please. Thanks in advance -later
By default, the monitor is REALLY bright. There was a lot of backlight problems with the 2005's, but they have been fixed now. If, after turning down the brightness, you still have problems, RMA it to Dell - I'm not sure, but I think most come with a next day replacement warrenty.