Question Dell 2320 max upgrade

Sep 23, 2023
I have a Dell 2320 all in one. I don’t use it a bunch but would like upgrade cpu and ram to what the mother board would allow. It currently at i3 3.4 and 6gb ram ad painfully slow. How do I tell what the max the board will accept? Thanks Michael


Most all in one are basically a laptop in a screen. Upgrade options are going to be limited if available at all.

There should be a service tag sticker on the machine that will inform you of more information on the Dell website under that model.
I doubt the CPU could be changed at all. You may find an ability to change at least one of the RAM sticks, if equipped that way, and perhaps a storage option. Beyond that, and even if that, it is very likely there is nothing more to do for it.



Looks like 8 Gb's max memory. Maybe add a SSD if it has an older hard drive.

If this was a desktop I would and do ignore Dell's max memory guide on something this old but being like said already it a laptop motherboard. So not gonna stick my foot in my mouth not sure about your all in one

My biggest suggestion is watch some youtube video's that declutter and give instructions on how to lean out Windows to run on aging hardware.

I have a older laptop running Windows 11 with a Athlon ll duel core M300 with 4 Gb's memory yes OLD and I did what I mentioned and I use It every night to watch movie's to fall asleep to.

It was a dog when I got it and it had Windows 7 now works smooth no not the speed demon my desktops are but for a little work and following the videos it was worth it.