Question Dell 27" monitor for Dell Latitude work laptop

It's not clear why the first one is more expensive. The only benefit of that over the second monitor is that it's adjustable in height.

In all other specs the 2nd option is the same or even better. In other words, if you don't care about height adjustability, go for the 2nd option.
Local pricing is usually based on rarity or supply and demand. As products age, production will be halted. The first option is a 2018 model, which means production has probably stopped. In that case the price goes up, because they can ask a premium as it becomes a rare product. Do keep in mind that prices of products sold by the manufacturer itself aren't usually subjected to change unless they're on sale. Logitech mice can go for as little as 15 dollars through retailers, but on Logitech's own website can sometimes list them for 4 times that amount.

In my country the first monitor costs dollars through retailers, the second costs 211, so there's a slight price bump here comparing it to your local pricing. Probably tax related. My local Dell website lists the (regular) price as 403 dollars but it's currently on sale at 301 dollars, kind of proving my earlier point that manufacturer prices don't change unless they're on sale. :)


Jul 22, 2021
The first option is a 2018 model, which means production has probably stopped.
Can someone suggest a 2021 27" Dell monitor which is under $350 ?
I don't play games - so no need for a gaming monitor. I don't require curved too.

My last monitor I had which I bought in 2010 was Dell SP2309W 23-inch Full HD Widescreen Monitor with Webcam which I got from for $250 or so. It had 4 USB ports.

Right now there is nothing for less than $500 over here.