Mar 2, 2010

I am using a E7500 cpu with the fan that came in the box...that doesn't quite fit into my dell 530s because i'm afraid the plastic push pins will break my mobo if i push too hard. Would i be able to use the fan i had originially for my pc? Are there any aftermarket alternatives that will fit into the slim case? Any feedback is appreciated! :)
Those pins can be really hard to push in sometimes. Those arrows you see on the plastic pins turn them the opposite direction that they point, this unlocks the pins to put on motherboard. Now when you have the pins unlocked push them into there holes it can be quite hard sometimes, once you feel a pin snap in turn the pin the direction the arrows are pointing this will lock them in place. A good tip go to opposite corner next this will help it seat on the CPU more evenly.

You'd break the pins, they won't fit into the screw holes for the stock heat sink.
Yes, you would be able to use the stock heatsink.