Question Dell 5820 Precision Tower and geforce rtx 3080

Mar 7, 2023
Could I use - PNY Uprising GeForce RTX 3080 10GB Graphics Card [VCG308010TFMPB] in my dell 5820 precision tower?
The user manual states I can use a geforce rtx 3080 does that apply to all brands?
Hello N0 QUALMS. Back in the year 2015, I owned the predecessor to your Dell Precision 5820, the 5810. I attempted to upgrade the included at-the-time Nvidia NV300 (or NV500) to a MSI Gaming GTX 970 4G graphics card. However, my issue wasn't lack of power, but the height of the card clearing the computer case side cover. That MSI card was tall, not long, and it prevented me from closing the side cover of the case. I recommend that you keep that in mind when selecting a graphics card. Perhaps purchase it from somewhere that has a no-hassle return policy, just in case. Good luck.